Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy governs the collection, use, maintenance and disclosure of information collected from users (each, a “user”) of the website (“Site”). This Privacy Policy applies to the Site and all products and services provided by Pshopiy.

For example, we ask visitors who sign up at https: // to provide a username and email address. Web Browser Cookies

We store customer information using a common trick of the website so that customers are given their browsing time, their preferences, language, IP address.

Personal Identification Information

We may collect information about users’ personal identities in a variety of ways, but not limited to. When users visit our site, subscribe and we are connected to make it available on our site.

Users will ask for the appropriate name, email address. In this case, users can see our site anonymously, there is no member. We will only be able to collect personally identifiable information from users if they voluntarily submit and allow such information to us.

We may collect information about users whenever they visit or contact our site. Unnecessary identification information includes the name of the browser and technical information regarding the way users connect to our site, such as operating systems and Internet services.

Web Browser Cookies

We may use “cookies” to further enhance our user experience. Pshopify can use this option to guide users to their hard disks in their browsers and to track them later. Users may or may not use cookies. However, in that case some of the options on our website may not work.

Introducing this cookies program to further strengthen our relationship with the customer.

Use of our website may require your consent to the following terms and conditions.


Your personal information is very important to us. However, it should be noted that no system or storage is currently able to save 100%.However, the personal information you provide is very important to us. That’s why we’re currently using a variety of systems or services. However, those websites are not 100% guaranteed.


The use of different advertisers on the Pshopify website may provide information to them. However, the Pshopify website does not provide information with cookies from different advertisers

Links To External Sites

Different types of links are added to the Pshopify website. So you can go to different websites. P Website is not responsible for any loss of your personal information as a result of their use of their personal security cookies.

Cookie Policy for Pshopify

You acknowledge the above guidelines using the Pshopify site. Please do not use my site unless informed or disliked. This is the term and condition of my site

How we use stored information

Pshopify Mentioned below use the personal information stored by the user for the following purposes

The information you provide will help us further enhance the quality of our customer service

What is the current customer demand or interest in the competition market?They will be able to use the information used by the customer in how to verify and select a product

Promotional marketing policies of various websites can use the information used by the customer to bring innovation in these matters

They have turned on the Pshopify signup option to search their questions and answer their questions. So that they can communicate with us and they can get their services pshopify use the information they use or personal information Subscribe Subscribe End

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